AMG - Out of Home Media Advertising



Reach Targeted & Segmented Audience with buying power in the premium commercial areas through digital out of home media including premium high definition advertising opportunities across an exclusive location of office buildings, apartments, hospitals, gym center and other lifestyle area.

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Capture consumer’s attention at the moment of purchase through thousands of screens located in retail area. We are creating the right channel for your product promotion resulting in the higher sales performance.

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Transportation and Street has become very effective channel to deliver brand campaign. Through its wide range of diversified advertising formats will reach and communicate to the targeted audience in dynamic environment. Your Brand will be exposed into wider perspective with strong and creative visual impact..

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Driving urban people to interact with the brand through their smartphone. Pairing the power of DOOH with smartphone to create new awareness and engagement opportunities with target audience.

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The pioneer and the largest DOOH Media in Indonesia that established the business on digital based media in commercial places. We offer a variety of solutions to deliver messages to the targeted urban viewers via several wholly-owned subsidiaries.

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Dynamic Content, Pesan Tersampaikan Disaat Paling Tepat!

Era Digital Out Of Home Media atau lebih sering di sebut DOOH sudah berkembang dengan pesat, baik dalam hal technologi, creative design maupun tentang cara menyampaikan pesan terhadap pasar yang dituju nya melalui konsep konten yang kreatif , sebagai pioneer di industry DOOH

Perkembangan Media Out Of Home

Media Out Of Home terus berkembang dengan pesat seiring dengan perkembangan zaman dan dianggap sebagai media beriklan yang efektif dibandingkan dengan media iklan konvensional

Manfaatkan 57 Menit Dwelling Time Penumpang Di Dalam Kereta

Sebelumnya terkenal dengan nama PT Kereta Api Indonesia, sejak 2017 PT KAI Commuter Jabodetabek berganti nama menjadi PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia (KCI), 3 hari setelah ulang tahun perusahaan tersebut yang ke-9
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